Dreams about My Reality


I awoke from a dream in the night,

It was terrifying and bizarre.

A woman I knew from work had invited me to lunch at her home.

It was a large, beautiful house. Newly built and

designed by her and her husband.

She had three young boys. They were all playing in the house.

Fighting and bickering, and showing off, as boys do.

She was a handsome and clever woman. I admired her,

praising her house and her children.

We drank too much wine, and giggled as we ate lunch.

Then, out of the blue, her husband returned.

Grinning, in the shadows of the corridor..

He looked at me leeringly, and suddenly lunged forward.

His hand shot down my blouse, feeling my breast.

I can still feel the shock at this.

“You did well!” He congratulated his wife. “This one’s classy”.

They both looked at me weirdly, almost licking their lips in anticipation.

I felt numb, not knowing what was going on,

but I knew I had to get out of there, fast.

I saw the glint of a knife behind his back.

As he moved towards me, I grabbed the empty wine bottle.

Smashing it over his head, I ran for the door.

It was bolted. I managed to get it open just as he grabbed at my shoulder.

I screamed “Let me go, you bastard!”. And fell out into the street.

Neighbours came out of their homes, curious and unknowing.

“They’re crazy!” I shouted. “He’s got a knife. Call the Police!”

They didn’t seem to believe me, and tried to lead me back to the house.

Then I saw a large pit slowly opening up, right in the driveway.

Inside, were decapitated heads and body parts of young women,

just lying there, inside a flat, rusty, metal cage.

Then a lift magically appeared to my left, and I jumped in.

An old man was waiting in there.

He told me that I could escape from the evil ones,

but that I would have to take the lift to another dimension.

I could never return to my own world.

They began hammering on the glass doors of the lift.

Waving knives and axes, and their eyes were glowing red.

I pressed the button, and we shot up high into the air,

the speed made me sick.

Then I awoke, shaking, disorientated, and relieved.

I know this was just a dream, but I have been talking a lot about domestic abuse, (of which I am a survivor), and the film/book 50SOG recently, so I wonder if it’s brought the bad stuff back to me. I used to have a LOT of nightmares involving my Ex, but it seemed to have got less over the last few years. It just shows you – you never really forget. Either that, or I ate some very bad cheese last night!

Thanks for reading.

Peace x


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