Letter to my Daughter



Daughter of mine,


You may never read this letter.

but I hope someday when I am gone,

you will find it, and read it,

and understand our bond.


There are things I should tell you.

Why is it always so hard to say?


How I admire you, and wonder at your strength.

How you worked so hard at school, and now college.

And never complained, never gave up.


How calm and fair you are,

(not sure that came from me!)

How complex and intelligent you are,

without any arrogance.


How tall and graceful you became,

Wavy hair so glossy, natural, untamed.


How unassuming is your beauty,

not falsely applied.

Your purity of heart shines with the light inside.


Song lyrics and harmonies flow from you like a river

You sing like a songbird freed after the Winter.

If only you knew how my heart full with pride

beats in unison with yours when performing on stage.


But as I try to praise you,

the words just won’t come.

It’s just not our way,

We just don’t do emotion.


So I’m saying this out loud to the stratosphere,

To the moon, to the stars,

To all that will hear.


I love you, my daughter.

You are wondrous and unique.

My firstborn, my teacher,

My own masterpiece.


You are powerful, you are magical,

Yes, more than you show.

I hope when you read this,

These things you will know.


With love always,


Your loving Mother x


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