Future Story


I don’t love him.

I told him that.

He pretended not to hear.

I was almost relieved.


We have two children,

a house, a home.

Jobs, friends, hobbies,

but I feel so alone.


It’s too easy to stay,

too damn hard to leave.

He deserves better than me,

and I deserve to be free.


For eight years now,

I’ve been existing, not living.

Like many others,

just going through the motions.


But is it so wrong,

to want to love

and to be loved?


To want to hold,

and to be held,

for real?


The family is nearly grown now,

and something has to change.

Do I go east, or do I fly west?

I have no life compass yet.


I’m just here, waiting…

for the storm to begin.


Maybe it will blow me in the right direction.

Maybe it will show me the way not to hurt people.

Maybe I will learn how to live happy again.


To live, and not just exist,

is how I want to write my future story.


A Happy Ending…

is that possible, any more?


Peace x


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