I Am Element



I am the Earth. I bask in the generous warmth of the Sun.

I drink from the cooling Rain. I grow tall. I expand to my fullest,

and crumble into dust at the end.



I am the Air. I breathe in life-giving Oxygen, and exhale my thoughts and dreams.

My fragile layers of humanity are buffeted by the Wind,

and I bend and surrender to its will.



I am Fire. My body is all white heat, and my passions burn strong,

but one day they will recede into the smouldering embers of my regret.

Only the fire of Love, pure and eternal, burns still.



I am Water. Tears flow through me as a cascading river, cleansing my soul with its

outpouring of grief.

My pores leak with the sweat of my endeavours.

I wallow in the abundance of its promise.


I am the Elements.

You are the Elements.

We, the Universe, the Sun, the Stars, and the Moon,

are the Elements.


We are One.