Scrolling for Answers


Scrolling for an answer, but I get no reply.

Fear and pain may be winning the game.
Everybody wants to be right.
They sneer, they snarl, they keyboard fight.

So many hard questions.
Too little answers.
The internet beast is feeding its young.

I cry, I rage, I turn away.
But I can’t stop scrolling, scrolling .
Through the mire of conflict, and all the voices.

Scrolling for answers to all of our questions.
Scrolling, scrolling, inhaling the insanity of it all

Cut the ties, free yourself.
Be blind and deaf and dumb if it helps.
The answers are staring you in the face.

If we join hands, is it too late?

Something is very wrong here.
All is not floating to the surface.
We are lambs being led to our bloody ruin.

Hate Hate Lies Hate.
Fear Fury Rage Isolate.
Darkness hiding behind a human face.

So I scroll, I cry, I fear our fate.
Scrolling for answers, before it’s too late.


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