The Rain


Dark is this night; the rain falls endlessly.

My heart feels the rain,

and the sound of the rain is in me.

It washes through my soul and ends up in my tears.


I am the rain. I cry like rain. I feel the rain.

I feel almost unbearable pain.


I hurt today,

I have hurt someone dear.

I have felt the fear,

and pushed through anyway.

To make a day, a better day,

a better way.


The mood of the rain,

heightens my longing for The One.

The one I love,

who I cannot be with.

Not yet, but soon…

Soon feels like an eternity.


So I gaze upon the rain,

into and through the cloudburst.

And take courage from the fact,

that it washes the hurt away; renews,

recharges our power,

so the sun may shine again.


And all our hearts shall be healed someday.


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